DSOBA General Committee 2016-17

Dear Brothers,


We are pleased to announce the composition of the DSOBA General Committee 2016-2017 as follows:





President*  Horace Chan ‘66
Vice President Ronnie Cheng ‘83 (DBS Headmaster)
Vice President* Jerome Leung ‘83
Vice President*  Daniel Ma '76
Honorary Secretary* David Lau '88
Honorary Treasurer*  William Lo ‘83
Immediate Past President  Jerry Chang '80
Legal Advisor Sammy Li '89
* Officers of DSOBA  
Committee Members:  
Clifford Ip   '78  
Stanley Fong '78  
Patrick Chan '80  
Alfred Leung '89  
David Wong '90  
Ryan Fong '90  
Edwin Morris '90  
Simon Tang '92  
Victor Chan '92  
Horace Mui '94  
Faisal Mohammed '97  


We look forward to the opportunity of serving you in the coming year!


Yours faithfully,

DSOBA General Committee 2016-2017

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