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Dear Fellow Old Boys:

I am excited to inform you all that DSOBA is in the process of forming our own Old Boys’ Chinese Orchestra (拔萃男書院舊生會中樂團).

The main objective of forming the DSOBA Chinese Orchestra is to reunite old boy Chinese orchestral musicians from graduation classes that stretch over different years. Our mission is to preserve the School’s tradition of musical excellence as well as to participate in events both within and outside our School to serve the Diocesan family as well as the community at large in the coming years.

Regarding this, we have already received very good responses from a number of old boy Chinese orchestral musicians who will be joining our newly-established Chinese orchestra. They are from three existing reputable Chinese orchestras in Hong Kong, namely宏光國樂團,樂樂國樂團and薈萃國樂會. 宏光,樂樂and薈萃are three of the finest active amateur Chinese orchestras in the city. These three Chinese orchestras are founded by our old boys, and many of their existing members are also old boy Chinese orchestral musicians.

I would like take this opportunity to express sincere thanks to Dr. Li Chun Sang 李俊生 (Class of ’68, Music Director of宏光), Dr. Lawrence Leung 梁志鏘 (Class of ’74, Music Director of 樂樂), Mr. Albert Wong (Class of ’83, Convener of our DSOBA Chinese Orchestra) and Mr. Jason See (Class of ’05, Committee Member of 薈萃) for their full support on this meaningful initiative. Quite a number of old boy musicians have also pledged to support this endeavor.

This is a calling for reunion, brothers! We would like to summon old boys’ bowed strings (inclusive of cello and double bass), plucked strings, woodwinds and percussion players.

Our first mission shall take place in the second half of this year. Details will be circulated soon. In the meantime, if you would like to be a part of this initiative, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as you can and provide your cert year, year(s) in school Chinese orchestra (if any), contact details and the type of musical instruments that you are playing. Feel free to call us at 2713-5268 if you have any questions.

Come and unleash the musicians within you! The future of our Old Boys’ Chinese Orchestra relies on you!!

Look forward to seeing you very soon.

David Wong

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