DSOBA Music E-Newsletter - First Issue July 2014

Dear Brothers.

Since its establishment, DSOBA Music has embarked on an amazing journey, extending Diocesan Music beyond our very own school years, bringing brothers back from all corners of the world. Over the years, DSOBA Music has made significant progress and achieved encouraging success, be it performances or competitions, and DSOBA Music could not have accomplished as much if it were not for this brotherhood.

As such, in hopes of strengthening our bond and to reconnect with more brothers, DSOBA Music has decided to reach out by publishing regular issues of E-Newsletters. By providing a structured means to update you all on our forthcoming events and our latest initiatives, we hope that you will share our passion and enthusiasm for Diocesan Music.

Presented with pride, therefore, please find attached the very first issue of the DSOBA Music E-Newsletter with highlight on our recent achievements and exciting updates. If you are interested in participating in these meaningful events or joining one of our fine ensembles, do follow our e-Newsletter on a regular basis and contact us for details (refer to the last page of the attached E-Newsletter for the right contacts).

This amazing journey will not be as rewarding if we do not have you all to share our experience with. We reach out to you via this E-Newsletter, hoping that one day, our music will reach you too. We present: the First Issue (July 2014) of the DSOBA Music E-Newsletter.


DSOBA Music Sub-committee


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