School Sports Facilities Re-open May 2021

We like to inform all Members that all School Sports Facilities are reopened for reservation every Sunday starting from 16 May 2021. Furthermore, as stipulated by the School, all members coming back to School to use sports facilities must strictly follow the below instructions:

1) Registration of your full n ame (must according to HKID card)
2) Registration of your HKID card number (English alphabet and the first four digits) beforehand; and
3) Check your body temperature before entering school campus.

All members entering the school campus on Sundays to use sports facilities must fill out the DSOBA health declaration form for
record purposes.

Also please be reminded to keep the campus clean throughout the usage of sports facilities.

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Yours sincerely,

Norman Chan ’99                                                  Anthony Teoh ’92

Chairman                                                                Vice Chairman
Sports Activities Sub-Committee                                Sports Activities Sub-Committee


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