Dragon Boat Race 12 Jun 2013

Dear All,

The DSOBA dragonboat team will be sending two boats again to Stanley International Dragonboat Championships on Tuen Ng Festival this year, on the 12th June 2013.

As usual, all Old Boys and their families are urged and invited to support us at this very prominent and entertaining event. Not only will there be over 40 crew members sporting our uniform on the seas, but well over half-a-decade's DBS boys will be represented. In addition to the beach-side marquees, we have chartered a pleasure cruise, for refreshments, relaxation and recovery between races.

All visiting Old Boys and adult friends will be charged a very reasonable HK$150 each, and children between 3 and 12 will be charged HK$80. There will be ferrying services from the beach to our Cruise, which will be anchored nearby from sunrise to sunset.

Last year we impressed all at Stanley with our crew's paddling, our Old Boys' support and everyone's spirit. This year we must do better and ram home the message - "DBS Best of the Best".

Please contact Sonia Huen or Maggie Ho ( 2713-5268 ) for enquiries and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your seat(s). Please make your cheque payable to “Diocesan School Old Boys’ Association Ltd” and send it to 131 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon or pay into DSOBA bank account (HSBC A/C No.111-170312-001). Please remember to send us the bank receipt once you transferred the fee to us.

Paddles Up!

Edwin '90 and Cow '92

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