Dragon Boat 2013 - Stanley


Words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to lead such a wonderful team. The final results (fantastic as they were) almost became secondary compared to the spirit, camaraderie, discipline and sportsmanship we showed the 20,000+ people at Stanley. Everyone I met yesterday, from fierce competitors to seasoned dragon boat veterans, all complimented on how superbly we carried ourselves. The spirit of DBS is alive and well. (We even appeared on TV!!)

A quick summary of the results:
· Men’s B Gold Cup – 1st Runner Up
· Men’s B Plate – 1st Runner Up (by the slightest margin of 0.01s)

So many people whose help we are indebted to:

· Headmaster Ronnie Cheng (83), for his message of support. It was most encouraging and uplifting to read that first thing in the morning.
· Joe Chan (88) and his wife Charmaine, for making us the best burgers and hot dogs. Joe and his team had to carry all the food and equipment on and off the junk. We need to better coordinate to help next time.
· Rahman (71), for his inspiring pep talk before the finals. It’s invaluable to have a senior old boy sharing his stories in time we need inspiration most.
· Jason Chiu (Mr. President, 88), for his unwavering support, both in his capacity in DSOBA, but more importantly, his personal commitment to be physically there with us.
· Felix Chiu (99) and Brian Chu (87), our in-house photographers. You are our official scribes, recording the history of DBS dragon boat, picture by picture.
· Daniel Ma (76), John Low (82) and Keith Chiu (87), for coming down to support us. There are other old boys who were also there but whose names escape me right now. Our thanks go to them nevertheless.


Carl & Edwin

Dragon Boat Captains

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