Dear old boys:


My elder brother Andrew Tsang (曾子惠)(Class of '60) passed away during his usual afternoon nap on July 30, 2016. We heard from the coroner's office today and it was cardiovascular related. He died in his sleep and did not seem to have suffered.


We are having a celebration of his life on August 19th 12-3 PM at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club. The address is 12442 Tustin Ranch Rd., Tustin  92781 (714-734-2111). Kindly let me if anyone is interested to attend.


Best regards,

Albert Tsang 


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In remembrance of our most respected YEUNG Sir, senior teacher, who passed away this morning after a long illness. He gave a most inspiring and heart touching talk at the school assembly back in March 2015 and the recorded video had 400,000 hits on YouTube.
3-3-2015 Assembly Sharing

Dear All,


With sadness, I have to inform you that our beloved music teacher Mr. T.L. Kiang  passed away on Monday 13th June. He was 90 years old. May he forever rest in peace.

The funeral service will be held at The Mount Pleasant Funeral Home, 306 East 11th Avenue, Vancouver on Saturday 25th June 2016 at 1:00 pm. It will be followed by repast at the same place. Representatives of your chapter will attend the service,  A wreath from DSOBA Vancouver on your behalf will be sent to the funeral home.


Warren Lee

President - Vancouver Chapter

Sadden to inform you that one of our old boys Shum Tung Fook (55) has passed away Sunday 14-Feb-2016 at the Kowloon Hospital.


Reginald A. Hamet (55)


I am harden to inform you of the sad news of Samuel Lo Kai-ming (class 55) passed away (age 81) in San Francisco at 2:30pm on Saturday 9-Jan-2016. 


Reginald A. Hamet (class of 53)

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