Denise Ho concert at DBS 09

 In December 2008, Denise (何韻詩) my daughter's foundation "HOCC Charity Fund" has released a documentary DVD "Decameron" and a book

about some Hong Kong artists and people at different levels of madness. The aim is to explore into the inner world of the minority group of mentally ill patients and bring to the general public a better picture of their needs. At the same time, we hope to find more positive platforms and channels to accommodate them and extend to them some feasible assistance. An exhibition was held with the same theme to raise fund during Christmas.


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As a finale of this whole project, she is going to hold a concert entitled "Happiness is Free (快樂是免費的) on Sunday, the 8th February 2009 in the field of Diocesan Boys' School. This concert will be admission free. During this period of bad economy, she likes to provide an afternoon of free music and let those who come to this concert be relaxed from pressure. Most important of all, she hopes to spread the message that happiness can actually be a very simple thing.

You are welcome to come join our celebration, our finale showcase on February 8. Also, please help us spread the word, send this notice out to all your friends and family.

Come share our happiness.

HO Sir

p.s. Dress code RED
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