We regret to inform you that old boy Stephen SK Tai, also our DBS Chemistry / Swimming teacher, passed away in Jun 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

I bring you sad news today. Tommy passed away Oct 1st in his sleep.

As you are the one student that I have met a few times and I know you are in contact with Tommy ‘s fellow colleagues and students at DBS, may I impose on you to extend this message to all. Thank you for visiting my brother whenever you are in Seattle. I know he looked forward to your visits.

Luke Yip Jing Ping (Class 54)

It is with Profound Sadness to inform you that Luke Yip passed away on Thursday 6th July 2017 in Ontario, Canada.


A Memorial Service will be held on:

10:00am Thursday 20th July 2017

St. John's Cathedral

4-8 Garden Road, Central

Hong Kong


Reginal A. Hamet

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