We like to inform all Members that due to the DSOBA Garden Fete on 14th November 2021 there will be no parking available even for the Sunday valid parking labels.


Furthermore there will be no booking available for the all sports facilities on that day.


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The Diocesan Boys’ School Foundation Limited, DBS Music Department, DBS Parent-Teacher Association and Diocesan School Old Boys’ Association present to you

“Reconnect with Music – DBS Music Medley 2021” on Saturday, 21st August 2021. This special event held during the COVID time is a new challenge, a heritage of our School.

(i) A hybrid online and onsite music event. DBS music must go on!
(ii) An online reunion of DBS boys worldwide, and
(iii) A fundraising event of the Diocesan Boys’ School Foundation Limited Limited.

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Dear DBS Brothers,

To celebrate DSOBA 100th anniversary, we proudly present DSOBA Centennial Stamps Collection with customized designs of our 100th DSOBA logos and 12 precious photos capturing our achievements along the journey TOGETHER with the
 "Year of the Ox” Heart-warming Stamps launched this year by the HKPO

DSOBA Centennial Stamps Set

I write to enlist your support for the annual edition of our school magazine, the Mini Steps. It will be published at the end of each school year in July. It is a compilation of our school’s events and activities and it contains all valuable information, records and photographs of the year’s activities, both inside and outside the school.

In addition, parents will also receive a complimentary copy of the Secondary Division’s Steps magazine when purchasing the Mini Steps magazine, if so wish. It is our sincere hope that each student will have a set of these magazines.


Yours faithfully,

Ms. Phyllis Lo


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STEPS 2021 – Advertisement


            We write to enlist your support for our school magazine, Steps, a compilation of school events published annually, consisting valuable information, records and photographs of the year’s activities, both inside and outside of school. This annual publication has had a long history in DBS, and has been perused by students, parents, old boys, and friends of DBS, among which are prominent members of society.

            In recent years, more and more firms have placed advertisements in Steps. We are writing to appeal for your generous support for this year’s publication. Rates are as follows:


                        Advertisement                    Size                 B & W          Full Colour

                        A flap-open page           260 x 380 mm       $2,000            $6,000

                        A full page                    190 x 260 mm       $1,500            $4,000

                        Half a page                   130 x 190 mm       $1,000                ---

                        A quarter page                95 x 130 mm       $   600                ---

            * Special requests negotiable

Pursuant to the latest news, it is believed that the Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong will remain unstable for some time to come. In order to ensure our students are well protected, the school has decided to cancel the Garden Fete (2020-21) again. We hope this will help in our fight against the virus so that life can quickly return to some semblance of normalcy.


Yours faithfully

R.K.Y. Cheng


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