Interhouse Drama Competition - message from Ms. Heather Cooper, DBS

As some of the old boys may know, the Interhouse Drama Competition used to be a very important event in DBS. If we don’t continue to support this tradition, it will be lost in the abyss of time. This year, we are trying revive this annual event in DBS, and we are combining four houses in each team for the contest. Each team will perform a play of around 30 minutes on the theme of Halloween.
Please come and support us on 2nd November at 7:30 pm in the Yunni and Maxine Pao Auditorium. Get ready for a scare of your life!

Ms. Heather Cooper

To all DBS old boys, please spread the word:

The Inter-School Athletics Championship Finals will be held on this Friday (March 1, 2013) at the Wanchai Stadium.

This is the time to show our DBS spirit to support the School. Our warrior athletes are fighting hard for our Home and they deserve to hear your cheering from the stand. When the beating of their hearts echoes the rhythm of our cheers, the entire Wanchai Stadium shall feel the true DBS spirit.

Come, let’s be in this battle together!!! Our school needs you, our boys need you!!!

See you all in Wanchai on Friday!!!

Jason Chiu

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